It’s Now Possible to Live … in Space

An astronomic breakthrough predicts the potential of our future

Attention everyone who exists in the present, something great has been discovered and it just determined the vision of our future. Three space probes have discovered chemical signs of water spanning the surface of the moon.

I’ve been hyping up this discovery for weeks, but I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t seem to be as enthusiastic as I am. Most were disappointed that I didn’t bring up the subject of aliens or spacecrafts after I mentioned the moon, but I’m talking about something bigger: being able to live on the moon.
Finding water on the moon means that the extent of human life doesn’t stop on the Earth. Colonizing the moon has now become possible. Years and years from now, when Earth’s resources have depleted and Earth can no longer serve the human race, we may be able to move ourselves into space. First the moon, then Mars! If there’s water on the moon, there’s a good chance to find water on the other planets as well. This will allow us to further travel to other planets. Better yet, water elsewhere means that “life” could be out there too. The funny thing is, when we go to explore these off-world planets, we’ll be the aliens.

Granted, the amount of water is quite scarce (about a bottle of water for every baseball diamond field), but the great thing is, this is the start of endless possibilities.  The moon is more than a beat-up dry rock.

At least we know our tax money used on space research is not going to waste. The billions of dollars used for our space program are being spent for the right reasons. The great thing about studying space is that we are learning about ourselves more and more. Space research has contributed a lot to technological advances and understanding of our world. In fact, aerospace technology has led to developments in airplanes, clothing military, and agriculture.

If you still don’t see why space is such an awesome subject, think of it this way. qEverything sounds so much better when you end it with “in space”. I’m eating a pizza…in space. I’m playing golf…in space. I made a fire…in space. I just flushed the toilet…IN SPACE! Though, someone argued ending with “in a strip club” sounds cool, but that’s a whole new discussion that I really don’t want to get into.