Principal Observer

What to do when Mr.Murchison and other administrative members are watching

Attention teachers! Your jobs are on the line! Mr. Murchison, along with other admin members, are scrutinizing your every move as you teach a bunch of snot-nosed and ill-mannered children. Thus, you ought to listen to the advice about to be given for it could be the difference between employment and a pink slip. And in these tough economic times, I think you teachers would prefer the income with working at school. So follow these ten pieces of advice and I can assure all of you teachers out there that your jobs will be safe.

  1. Get Jolly Ranchers. Musto loves jolly ranchers!
    1. And tootsie pops for Moran
  1. Tell your kids ahead of time the questions you plan to ask in front of the observer so that they will actually look like they are learning.
  2. Tell your kids to put their phones away! No, not behind their backpacks, or under the table. Away please
  3. Don’t hit on Mrs.Parker
  4. For you math teachers, stick a random question on the board and tell your kids to start playing calculator games. Tricky, eh?
  5. Tell your kids to participate a lot so that you look good. You can pay them later. Cash or check; both are acceptable
  6. Show a little……just kidding. That’s inappropriate
  7. Have a spare pair of sunglasses for the random sleepers
  8. Put down your TV meals and take out the clipboard. A pencil on your ear wouldn’t hurt either
  9. Break out in song and dance to express the joy teaching gives you. (By the way, word on the street is that the admin likes the Pussycat Dolls.)

Following these ten tips will definitely guarantee you success next time Mr.Murchison knocks on your door. In fact, if you follow these ten simple steps, I can even guarantee you a pay raise.