Science Over Nudity?

Should TV stations be allowed to broadcast nudity to alert public of breast cancer self-exams

Nudity is a very controversial topic in today’s society, especially in the case of parenting. Many parents feel that children and teenagers should not be exposed to any nudity at any cost.

Scientists have argued that in order to give an accurate lesson on how to perform breast cancer self-examinations, they needed to broadcast a live, nude woman. There was much debate over whether the TV station should be allowed to broadcast this.

What do I say? I think that it is perfectly fine for nudity to be broadcasted on television as long as it has a good, scientific purpose behind it. Broadcasting to people to help raise breast cancer awareness, for example, would be a legitimate reason to broadcast nudity.

Many parents argue that exposing children and teenagers to nudity will influence them badly, but do the cons really outweigh the pros? Would you rather have your daughter subject to a higher risk of breast cancer, or would you rather have her see a little bit of nudity on television? Clearly, the better decision would be to let her learn about breast cancer by watching the nude woman.

Also, these days with the internet, it is extremely easy for teenagers to be exposed to nudity either by accident or by searching it up. Do you really believe that restricting television is going to stop your child from seeing nudity? Chances are they wouldn’t care about seeing it in the first place. The bottom line is that teenagers will find some way to see nudity if they want to, but they won’t be searching up breast cancer self-exams for sure.

Still, there are people who will argue that while they believe teenagers are mature enough to see nudity, young children should not be exposed to it. However, if a television station is broadcasting a breast cancer awareness program with a nude woman showing how to do breast cancer self-exams, their audience is directed at teenagers. If a young boy or girl does happen to see, chances are they either do not care about or do not understand nudity yet. Evidently, the pros easily outweigh the cons of broadcasting nudity on television, and I don’t see why it should be so heavily restricted.