The Best of Both Races

Interracial marriages are useful for a more diverse and happier life

On October 16th, a multi-racial couple of Louisiana was denied their marriage license. Why? Simply because the Justice thought the couple’s children will suffer in the long run. Justice Keith Bardwell says, “I don’t do interracial marriages because I don’t want to put children in a situation they didn’t bring on themselves.” The Justice made an inductive judgment simply based on the outcomes of a few cases of interracial marriages.

I mean, really? Are you serious? We’re all born into a situation that we did not bring on ourselves, whether we have multi-racial parents or not. It’s extremely foolish of the judge to make such a decision just based on the common experiences of certain families. In fact, Justice Bardwell was breaking the law, because ever since 1963, the Supreme Court ruled that a judge cannot tell the couple his opinions on their marriage.

It is extremely unfair and shameful that Justice Bardwell would not allow them to get an official marriage license. After all, we are living in the 21st century in the United States, also known as the “melting pot.”

Diversity thrives in the U.S. and with interracial marriage, singles have a wider range of people of various ethnicities to choose from. This also allows for a decrease in the divorce rate in comparison to the same-race couples.

According to a research study at Pomona College, multi-racial couples experience employment advantages over their colleagues because they can network easier due to their multi-ethnicity.

There is simply nothing wrong with having an interracial marriage. How the children turn out depends on how the parents bring them up, not on their race. After all, weren’t singer Alicia Keys (Jamaican/Italian), actor Johnny Depp (Irish/German/Cherokee), singer Jay Sean (Indian/British), actress Vanessa Hudgens (Filipino/Chinese/Latino/Irish), and golfer Tiger Woods (Thai/African American/Chinese) successful in their lives?  Why even our President Barack Obama is Kenyan and Caucasian.

Interracial marriage is just a way of potentially increasing diversity and leading a more unique lifestyle.