Practice Makes Perfect

The first Ritmo Latino rehearsal shows definite potential

On Saturday, January 16, Ritmo Latino had their first official rehearsal in Vahalla. An annual dance performance directed by Mr. Ballado, Ritmo Latino was first created six years ago to showcase Latin dance and music and is growing in the number of both dances and performers with every year. With over a hundred students performing in the show this year, 2010’s Ritmo Latino is shaping up to be the most successful it has ever been – if this Saturday is any indication.

Rehersal began at 10 am and lasted six hours. Dance after dance went by as Mr. Ballado and MECha students watched and critiqued. Many times, the dancers were forced to do the dance again and again until they perfected the steps and timing. However, the dancers looked prepared.

“The dancers all looked very comfortable onstage,” said sophomore Ashwathi Sreekumar. “You could tell they had practiced a lot.”

Though the majority of dancers were students – most of whom never took dance classes – the months of practice paid off. Most dances came and went without any major re-adjustments, and most of Mr. Ballado’s attention was focused on the little details – such as dancer formations and specific steps that needed improvement – that made the dance complete.

Mr. Ballado is confident the show will be a success. “We’re ready to go, ready to perform, and I’m sure it will be a great show” said Mr. Ballado.

Ritmo Latino will be performing on two nights – January 22nd and January 23rd – this year, the first time since its creation to have more than one show in a year. Another rehearsal will be taking place on Thursday January 21st before the shows.

“I’m excited about Ritmo Latino,” said junior Surbhi Chopla, “and I’m looking forward to dancing my heart out.”