Spring: Break it Down!

First MSJ InterKey (Interact and Key Club) Dance is a Overwhelming Success

On Friday April 16th at Club Sport Fremont, Mission San Jose’s  Interact and Key Club hosted a dance, aptly named Spring Break It Down.  The dance was from 7-10 PM and high school students from all FUSD schools attended, though the majority of people were from Mission and Irvington.  A high school ID was required for all students and the dress code was casual, but needed to be school appropriate. The DJ present was “DJ Sanjoy.” Tickets were sold $10 pre-sale and $12 at the door.  Presale tickets could be ordered before April 5th by either e-mail or Facebook.  Interact and Key Club decided to split the proceeds evenly and 50% of the money went to End Polio Now while 50% of the proceeds went to Pediatric Trauma Prevention.

Interact Co- President Sherry Ho said, “Interact’s portion of the funds went to Polio Plus, an organization that helps distribute polio vaccinations across the world. We actually only have four countries left: India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Once we eliminate the crippling disease in those locations, polio will be the 2nd fully-eradicated disease in history.”

The dance made hundreds of dollars in profit. With such a success, there are sure to be future collaborations between Interact and Key Club in the future.