Irvington StRUTs to Victory

Irvington Technology Academy takes the gold

On Friday, March 26th, Ohlone College hosted its 10th annual Silicon Valley Student Recycling Used Technology (StRUT) Competition. The competition hosted 100 students from 12 local high schools and was needless to say an intense contest. Irvington emerged victorious, led by Mr. Hector Albizo of the Information Technology Academy (ITA) at Irvington.

The competition consisted of four main areas. The computer build, presentation, troubleshooting, and a written exam. These areas test the team’s ability to problem solve, their teamwork, the quality of their efforts, and their general knowledge of the information.
StRUT is a program at Ohlone that has tried to give back to the educational system. They have donated 36 computers with keyboards and monitors as well as 10 lab tables to Horner Junior High School. Aside from charity work, StRUT is also an educational system. This system is comprised of three parts: for students to learn technical skills with computers, to get computers in schools throughout the state to supplement technology budgets, and prevents computers from piling up and creating hazardous waste.