Are Silly Bandz Too Silly?

Silly Bandz are small, rubber, colorful, elasticized silicon wristbands, hoping to conquer the world. They come in a variety of shapes in themed packs, like zoo animals or the alphabet and a pack of 12 costs about $1.99.
Invented by American Robert Croak, Silly Bandz took the U.S. by storm after being spotted on famous wrists like actress Sarah Jessica Parker’s and musician Shakira’s. They wear them between their Rolex watches and Tiffany bangles.
But they’re only bits of rubber, so what’s the big deal? Some U.S. schools have even banned them from classrooms because they are too distracting for children eager to trade their collections.
Many parents have also made a point saying that postal workers always drop their red rubber bands on the floor, so why should they pay for the exact same thing that you can find on the pavement?