Club Rush 2010

A Festivity of Foods for All

Once again, Club Rush had returned to Irvington. This year’s first Club Rush took place on November 2nd, exhibiting many choices of food for students and faculty. Clubs that had signed up beforehand with ASB could set up a stand in the courtyard and sell food to raise funds. Club members could be seen waving signs and yelling above the noise of the crowd, calling forth attention to their club’s merchandise.
            The courtyard was filled with students rushing to get the food that they want. Mecha sold churros, French Club sold Bon Bons, Oh Snap! (photography club) sold Chipotle burritos and chips with dip, Resonance (music club) sold cheesecake, and Interact sold Spam musubi and chicken subi.  Food choices ranged from meals to desserts and drinks. Pearl milk tea, hot dogs, Ohana Barbeque, brownies, fried rice, and much more were part of the selection as well. Mr. Clint Johns’ green advisory helped with organizing the trash, as they had done so previously.
            Club Rush was a great excitement yet again. If you missed out the chance to get food from Club Rush, don’t fret. You will get an opportunity to browse through the variety of foods again later in the year. You can even plan ahead for what foods you want to buy from menus posted around school by ASB members. Be sure to be tuned for the next Club Rush!