Absurd Sports Facts

Human wheelbarrows and cheese- it can’t get much weirder
  1. Heaviest sumo wrestler: New Jersey native Emanuel Yarbrough is the heaviest sumo wrestler as well as the world’s heaviest living athlete. In his prime, he topped the scales at 6’8’’, 770 pounds in 2007. That’s the equivalent of one male American black bear, or about 6 healthy adults.
  2. Fastest tennis serve: Current 9th seed Andy Roddick sent a tennis ball hurtling at 155 mph in a 2004 Davis Cup match against Vladimir Voltchkov of Belarus. That’s about 227 feet per second.
  3. Largest sports sneaker: This huge shoe was 13 ft, 1 in long, 5 ft 2 in wide and 5 ft 6 in high. It was constructed by the Launch Group in Cardiff, UK on behalf of a cancer-awareness event, UK Race for Life. The construction took place throughout March 2009 and was finally unveiled a short while later on March 26.
  4. Fastest 50 meter by a human wheelbarrow: Joshua McCormack and Arjuna Benson of the Baptist Grammar School in Melbourne, Australia, broke the record on September 9, 2008, coming in with a time of 14.87 seconds. That’s a blistering 7.5 mph!
  5. Longest distance body-rolled by a team: 12 members of Mid Island Gymnastics in New Zealand rolled themselves 33,345 ft and 3 inches (about six miles) on Sept 16, 2008.
  6. The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake held in Gloucestershire, England, is a traditional event dating back about 200 years. An annual (and dangerous) event, a wheel of Double Gloucester cheese is rolled down a hill and competitors chase after it, winning a roll of the prized cheese if they are the first to cross the finish line at the bottom of the steep slope.

7.     It turns out lawn mowers not only make great grass-cutters, but also terrific racing vehicles, too! The United States Lawn Mower Racing Association (USLMRA) was created in 1992 and has gained popularity across the country ever since then. Their motto is too cute not to mention: “We turn a weekend chore into a competitive sport!”