Bikinis, Babes, Baristas, and Coffee

A local Warm Springs coffee shop brings fame to the community, is it bad?

The coffee shop, called “Caffino” has been bought by another owner who believes that the idea of dressing young women in booty shorts and bikinis would raise revenue. I’ll admit the previous coffee shop was quite desolate but I always thought it had a charming appeal to it and thought about going inside if I had the chance. Just the other day, I spotted two girls in bikinis sitting inside the small coffee shop cubicle. One of the young girls had a bellybutton piercing, and I had to look twice to see if the other girl was wearing underwear or shorts. Whatever she was wearing, I changed my mind about ever entering the coffee shop.

The term coffee shop used to denote a quaint quiet atmosphere with people sipping from hot mugs and quietly reading the newspaper. But, as business entrepreneurs became tired of the repeated look, many tried to start barista coffee shops. I understand the business tycoons needed a new angle, but I cannot grasp the fact that they actually thought half clothed girls would bring them money. Unfortunately, there are pigs in our world who would pay for a cup of coffee just to stare at a girl in a bikini. As business for these strip-coffee shops increase, more and more will start popping up and I fear that the good ol’ coffee shops will soon become extinct and in twenty years I will have to walk into a coffee shop blindfolded.