Too. Much. Deception.

The infomercials of the world are going crazy with the ridiculousness

“Well I lost fifty pounds!” the television speakers blare, “just look at these pants!” It’s another infomercial. I would rather watch Cartoon Network than waste my time seeing another fit person pretending like they use to be that before picture.

Personally, I hate those testimonies that exist in almost every infomercial. I know that I am not alone in this thought. I’m sure that Americans across the nation share this feeling. Everyone knows that the testimonies aren’t real, so why do the advertisements try? One common method that advertisers use to trick people into buying weight loss products is to use “before” and “after” pictures that aren’t even the same people! Did you ever notice that the brunette with the mole on her left pinky turns out to be a blonde with a wart on her right thumb? Well, strangely, I have.

Acne treatments also hoard a big part of infomercials. Every person should know that there exists a little something called “makeup”, something called “technology”, and something called e-dit-ing. The strong bias that is developed can actually hurt these companies. Proactiv, a popular acne treatment system, uses the exact type of commercial as acne products that can be ineffective. Because of this generic commercial that includes similar formats, how are consumers suppose to decide which product to try?

My biggest pet peeve is the infomercials for kitchen tools. It is absolutely ridiculous that these companies think that human beings are dumb, klutzy and incapable of cutting apples up without chopping a finger off. It is always humorous when I see the black-and-white screen of a typical mother groaning as she dices some potatoes on the television screen. Seriously, the woman is crying before she even starts to dice the potatoes. No wonder she cut her finger off- she’s suicidal! And then, we are magically taken to the “after-I-get-the-professional-kitchen-tool” scene where a colorful screen shows a happy woman easily dicing those potatoes.

Let’s not waste our time on bizarre infomercials. If you look close enough at some of them, you can easily notice the ridiculousness.