Are you buying sweaty clothes this winter?

While wall-sized posters and stylish mannequins often catch our attraction in the mall, these clothes and products are simply blinding shoppers from the people and companies that made them. Don’t understand? I didn’t either, until I learned about the countless number of leading companies that use sweatshops to manufacture their products. While it may be difficult to not shop at these staple stores, try to buy less from these stores this Christmas.

Make sure you’re not buying dirty, sweaty, child-labored clothes this winter

1) Wal-Mart: No, they actually meant Sweat-Mart

            Wal-Mart remains the number one client for TOS Dominican, which is a textile company in the Dominican Republic owned by Hanesbrands Inc. An independent labor-rights organization, Worker Rights Consortium, reported that TOS Dominican has broken several domestic laws including “forced and unpaid overtime; and verbal harassment and abuse of workers.”

Similar companies: Dickies, Hanes, Guess