Pro: Fines for Illegal Contact Are Necessary

Fines protect the definition of football

           Football has long been regarded as brutal, great fun. It also has a blatant disregard for the safety of its players. In October, the NFL created a policy regarding illegal hits after a flurry of such fouls resulted in serious injuries. This decision will keep the crowds entertained and retain football’s status as a national sport.

            During Week 1 of the season, Carolina Panthers tight end Sherrod Martin was fined $5000 for a hit on Giants tight end Kevin Boss. The hit left Boss with multiple injuries, and sidelined him for the game. This fine taught Martin nothing-last Sunday, he was fined $40,000 for an illegal hit on Browns tight end Evan Moore that resulted in a concussion.

            This policy will make players think instead of tackling every moving thing that does not share their team color. The NFL is also indirectly responsible for the safety of its teams. Will there be any football remaining to watch if players are sidelined or retired for the season as dangerous illegal hits go on unpunished? Multi-thousand dollar fines should be enough to teach players to avoid illegal contact. We do not need to strengthen the football player stereotype as a brainless brute.

            Some protest that the NFL is attempting to stop all hits. This is incorrect. The NFL is also trying to protect the star players in its teams. What would you do if your favorite player of all time was permanently sidelined because of an illegal hit? For most viewers, this might as well be the end of football. This translates to profit loss for the NFL, something no business wants to see. And what purpose would that do but destroy a sport already derided around the world?

            While football has been operating just fine before the NFL introduced its policy, the sport rarely accounted for serious injuries. To the hardcore fans, players, coaches, managers “it’s just part of the game.” Any sport that turns a blind eye to broken bones and lost careers is not a sport at all.