Phiten: Myth or Reality?

These sports bands may be the newest form of alchemy

Phiten titanium bands and necklaces allegedly enhance athletic ability and promote healing. The company claims that the products, which start at $18, absorb sweat and relieve fatigue with no side effects.

Phiten has attracted professional athletes internationally.

“I always make sure that I have some Phiten on,” says American marathon runner Kara Goucher.

Phiten states that titanium metal is normally insoluble in water, yet its secret Phild process lets it bond with water, forming “aqua-titanium.” But according to materials engineer Dan Demeter, titanium is a metal that does not bond with water, therefore “aqua-titanium” cannot even exist.

Phiten distorts scientific facts to establish the effectiveness of its products and consequently is not approved by the FDA.

Ultimately, many famous athletes that use Phiten products do not know that the power of their mind-body connection generates positive energy and produces a placebo effect from Phiten.