Fat: Do Not Comment

Some issues are just worth staying away from

         Fatness is just one of the touchy subjects that we Americans always seem to stay away from. It seems as though there is some unwritten code of law that states there are just some things that will make you looked down upon if your comment about it is negative. When something touchy is mentioned, like obesity, a biased view is taken towards the person speaking negatively about the issue. Take this one lady blogger, for example. On her blog, she wrote about how looking at a fat person “grosses her out.” Its not as though she was being vindictive, but she made it clear that she did not find those who have a few extra pounds aesthetically pleasing. A simple opinion, right? Wrong.

            After this post on her blog, the lady blogger was bombarded with thousands of email berating her for her remarks. This angry emailers included the fat population and even the skinny population, or in other words, those who aren’t fat. Thousands of people getting wound up over a simple remark seems absurd, but with some subjects, like obesity, any comment made cannot be classified as simple. Now did the lady blogger receive fair treatment from the public? This begs the question, what did she do wrong? What earned her discontent of thousands of people?

          The answer is simple: some subjects cannot be touched because of the revolving sensitivity around the issue. Just like it is considered wrong to have a go at someone’s race or religion, it is considered wrong in our society to say something about fat people unless it is in a positive light. My word of advice for our lady blogger is to stay away from such a sensitive issue publicly to avoid future outrages from the general public. Even though it may not seem fair.