How Can I Just Walk Away?

The inefficiency of prevention classes uncovered

       Since elementary school, we’ve had drug free week. In high school, we saw D.A.R.E, as well as various “safe-sex” campaigns and prevention presentations. We’ve taken health, and we just went through no-bullying week. For all of these prevention methods, we have taken classes and been made aware of the problem, and the solution. Every single awareness technique educates students by placing them in a situation and prompts them with a problem.

       Whether it involves being pressured by a group of friends that are smoking or being faced with the decision to commit to sex or not, preventative education does not sufficiently address these issues or prepare students for reality. Instead, it proposes alternatives for avoiding peer pressure that, although may be useful in an ideal situation, are not effective in reality. The fact of the matter is that all of these preventative techniques are inefficient, and they should be adjusted to better fit the lives of the students that they target.