Snap, Crack, Pop

The breakdown on knuckle-cracking    

        You would be shocked to know that some people crack their knuckles up to two hundred times daily. Why? According to Dr. Steven Beldner, people relieve stress by cracking joints, releasing gas trapped inside them and causing a popping sound.

       The act of knuckle-cracking involves stretching the finger bones apart and widening the space between them, and those who cannot do it are often unable to relax enough to let the bones separate. People most commonly acquire this habit during childhood when they observe their elders cracking their knuckles.

         Fortunately, Harvard Health Publications states that, contrary to popular belief, cracking does not cause arthritis, yet it can damage joint tissue. So, just relax and pursue a hobby like drawing or sewing, or tape up your knuckles if you are one of the people who pay too much attention to them.