Stop Biting Those Nails!

One of the most common nervous habits: everything you should know about it

Compulsive nail biting is a fairly common and underrated nervous habit that can become quite serious when it leads to bleeding, infections, or permanent damages.

The cause of compulsive nail biting is a combination of biological and environmental factors. When stressed, many people feel a need for self-soothing and biting their nails has a sort of calming effect. On the other hand, when people are bored, nail-biting may provide a needed stimulation that helps keep them awake.

Experts say that this behavior affects about 30% of children and 45% of teenagers due to puberty changes. Some adults also bite their nails, but most people stop doing it by the age of 30.

Several treatment measures can help you stop biting your nails. The most common treatment is a special nail polish that releases a bitter flavor when in contact with the mouth.

A nail biting habit is not only gross and unsanitary, but unsightly as well! Come on! Isn’t it about time to find the will power to stop nibbling those nails?