Tumblin’ Down the Hill


Blogging has taken a turn for the worse

Recently blogging has turned into a way to boost your ego and a way to create a false persona that differs from how you act in reality.

Grievance #1: Pretension. You start out simply wanting to talk about something that makes you angry. But then you see that three people not only “liked” your post, but they also “reblogged it.” What if I start writing about things that I don’t necessarily care about, but I feel like other people will be able to relate to? (All while using convoluted diction so it makes me sound intelligent.)

Grievance #2: Masks. We have the person who never says anything intellectual in person turning into the bedroom philosophé, and Miss Happy-Go-Lucky turning into the morbidly depressed. Is our school really that judgmental where we have two extremes and don’t show one at all? The truth is that the majority of our school could care less who you are therefore people might as well avert feelings of self-inflicted oppression and show their true nature.

Overall, the quality of blogging has deteriorated and it is only because human nature has proven weak by succumbing to the temptations online anonymity puts forth.