Lockdowns that… just shouldn’t be lockdowns.

If you’ve come as far as high school, you had to have experienced a lockdown for some reason. Perhaps there was an unfortunate stabbing or a shooting. Usually lockdowns occur because of some danger to the students at school. However, here are some random and comical reasons why authorities forced a lockdown on schools.
•    When people mistake a man with a fishing pole as a man with a rifle, authorities feel the urge to call a lockdown.
•    A lockdown in the case of deadly fire really undermines the protocol of getting out of a burning building.
•    “Deadly” chemicals oozing out of a vial in the AP Chemistry room pose a serious risk.
•    “Tsunami” in the Bathroom!!!
•    Mistaking a student on a trip to the bathroom as an unidentifiable perpetrator.
•    A tree crashing down in the parking lot requires a lockdown.