The End of the World is Really Coming

Looking at all the natural disasters happening, doesn’t it all make sense?

The end of the world—December 21, 2012. Everyone talks of it. Many believed that the end of the world will arrive on the day that the Mayan calendars ended. Skeptics scoffed at the idea; the end of the world cannot be determined by people who died off who knows when. I myself was one, or rather, I was too uninterested to care. This was so until recently. With disasters occurring one after the other, I’m actually beginning to second thoughts. December 2012 sounds more and more reasonable now.
Natural disasters have been happening all over the world recently. The world has never seen anything like this before. A tornado in San Mateo and Taiwan, the 2010 Haiti Earthquake,  the 2010 Salang avalanches in Afganistan, the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, the 2010 Russian heat wave that killed 56,000 people, and the 7.1 earthquake in New Zealand on September 9th 2010. Last but not least, the 8.9 earthquake in Japan that happened on March 11th of 2011 followed by tsunamis so large that tsunami warnings were issued in the West Coast. Predictions made about some of these earthquakes came true and more earthquake predictions were made. At the rate that these disasters are occurring, I can imagine them happening all over the world near the same time. I guess it’s time to start on my bucket list.