Dust is as Deadly as Fire

Dust Triggers A Fire Alarm

On September 21, 2011, in a fire alarm went off during 3rd period. Many people were wondering what the cause was and whether there was actually a fire at school. After the fire truck came into the horseshoe near Valhalla, it seemed as if there truly was a fire. However after the all clear bell rang and everyone went back to their 3rd periods, an announcement aired telling all teachers to report any students that left class before the fire alarm went off.

To most people, this immediately suggested the cause as a rebellious student pulling the fire alarm. However, the true cause of the fire alarm wasn’t actually a fire. It was dust. In the vestibule of the boy’s locker room, there is a smoke detector and if the case and its surroundings get fogged up because of smoke or dust in this case, it triggers the alarm.

“The fire alarm goes off because of this detection system and the fire station is immediately notified,” Mrs. Donna Hartigan continued, “The fire marshalls then take care of the smoke detectors and fire alarms.”