Get Your Priorities Straight!

Money for new roads, but not for textbooks.

Every morning on my way to school I pass new roads, residential and business, cordoned off for reconstruction. The sight of it is disgusting; the city is creating new roads while our school barely has money for textbooks! We may have to lug heavy textbooks back and forth every day, but, hey, at least the roads are smoother.

The conditions of the schools in our city are deteriorating, with insufficient numbers of usable desks, books and teachers. With the banning of educational fees, our schools lose yet more funding.

It begs the question: do the officials of our fine city really know what is important? Smoother roads or better education? Though the new construction offers jobs for many out of job citizens, they could be contributing to the destruction of the futures of our students.

The only thing I have to say is they really do need to get their priorities straight.