Fall Television Premieres

With the change of seasons comes plenty of new seasons

What’s on the television? Well here’s a glimpse at a few shows that have premiered their new seasons recently:

New Girl:

New Girl premiered its first season ever on September 20th. New Girl is a sitcom featuring an attractive young woman, Jess, rediscovering love with her new friends she just moved in with after her boyfriend broke up with her. For anyone that is interested, New Girl premieres every Tuesday night at 9/8 central on Fox.

Vampire Diaries:

Vampire Diaries aired the first episode of its third season on September 15th. Much as its name suggests, Vampire Diaries is about a group of people who are descendants of a town’s founding fathers who come together to protect the town from vampires. There is also a love triangle mixed in with the rest of the plot. Vampire Diaries airs on The CW Network.


Everyone’s favorite musical comedy-drama is back! Glee premiered its third season on September 20th. Glee is about a group of high school students who learn to deal with personal problems of sexuality, relationships, social issues, and more who more than occasionally burst into song. Glee airs on Fox.

How I Met Your Mother:

The emmy-award winning sitcom is back with its seventh season. How I Met Your Mother aired two back-to-back episodes on September 19th. How I Met Your Mother is about a man telling his two children a story about how he, well, met their mother. The series has one of the most unique and hilarious set of characters and is still going strong after 6 years. How I Met Your Mother airs on CBS.