Hallway Traffic Rules

How to get to class without burning down the school

Passing Period is essentially an arduous quest through a maze filled with a plethora of students who mindlessly drag themselves to class. it’s no surprise that most of us end up bitter and frustrated after wading through a mob of other disgruntled classmates. Here are some hallway rules to make the walk a bit more bearable for yourself and the rest of us.

Stop talking in the hallway! Image Credit: teachingthefuture.net
  1. Stop talking to your friends in the middle of the hallway. Yeah, we get that you just aced that physics test and you HAD to talk to someone about it, but the ten people behind you literally couldn’t care less.
  2. Don’t be that guy with the rolling backpack. A rolling backpack? Really? By rolling that piece of elementary-school era garbage around campus, you’re essentially inviting people to kick your backpack incessantly until you reach class.
  3. Don’t sprint in a crowded hallway. Frankly, this rule should be blatantly obvious, but based on the various hurried runners racing down the hallways as if the sky is falling, it isn’t. If you attempt to zip through to your next class, don’t be surprised if you’re forcibly stopped and blockaded by the people waking in the other direction.
  4. Make out with your boyfriend/girlfriend at another time. You’re in a high school relationship. Good for you. But please, have your lovefest after school, because nobody wants to see that.