Jamba Juice FroYo

New item on the menu is a big disappointment

Jamba Juice recently introduced a new form of frozen yogurt on their menu, known as Whirlins. The way this works is that plain tart yogurt is put into a machine, after which the flavors are added in while the yogurt is twirling inside simultaneously. After several minutes of “whirling” your yogurt is dispensed into a cup and served to you. One of the biggest issues I had with this whole process is that it all happens behind the counter; there’s absolutely no sense of hands-on, “choose what you want”, mix-and-match sort of concept. There are only 7 flavors on the menu with about 8 choices of toppings. You are not able to choose your toppings as willingly as you can at other frozen yogurt shops, and will be charged an extra fifty cents after the first toppings. Lastly, customers are not able to choose the definite amount of frozen yogurt they would like; you have two (and only two options): small or large. If you want a size smaller than a small, or larger than a large, or maybe even just a medium, it’s just too bad. Despite the fact that this frozen yogurt is only available at select locations, I hope it stays that way.


Even though this new item was a miss, Jamba Juice’s popular fruit smoothies will always be a hit for me.