The Old Tradition: Pig Skin

A Great Way to Spend Time with Your Family and Support Irvington

Various different aromas of cooked meat filled the air in the courtyard on October 3, 2011, where Irvington’s all-famous Pigskin was held. IHS derived the event’s name, “Pigskin” from the material the first football was made of—pigskin. Therefore, this athletic booster event is mainly for football and cheerleaders, but other fall sports also support it as well.

Cheerleaders and football players dressed in their uniforms and other people in blue and white roamed the courtyard, gobbling delicious dishes LIKE… and enjoying their time with their family and friends. Mr. Chan was spotted among the wave of blue and white, talking and joking around with one of the students. He admits, “I like to talk to kids and have fun with them.”

When most of the crowd had settled down, JV cheerleaders did an act followed by the Varsity cheerleaders. After completing their remarkable act, the cheerleaders went around selling “cupcakes, M&M rice crispies, and shakers” says Sophomore Alicia Ruiz, to raise money. Even Freshmen Class President Sofea Dil and her little sister, Julia Dil, dressed in a mini IHS Cheerleading uniform, helped sell the goodies to raise money.

Fall sports’ coaches were also present at the Pigskin. To raise money for their sport, coaches sang Karaoke.  Coach Dan from the girls’ tennis team sang “Bad Moon Arising” by CCR and in turn received fifty dollars in the tennis team’s budget. Even the cheerleaders sang as a whole team three times and so did the football players. One of the last people to sing Karaoke was Mr. Silvernale’s grandmother who sang “New York, NY”.

The Pigskin has been Irvington’s tradition for years now and attending it brings sport players, friends, and families closer together.