Captain Interview: Angel Li

Interview with Varsity Captain Angel Li

Q: How often do the cheerleaders practice? Does it differ between a regular week and the week right before your major competitions?

A:We practice two hours after school on Tuesdays and Thursday. We also have 3-hour practices on Saturdays, and usually games on Fridays. We really do have a tight schedule. We normally add more practices before a competition.

Q: How does a regular day of training look like?

A: We start off by setting the mats out in the cafeteria. Then we do our warm up routine, then with self stretching time followed by that. We also warm up our jumps. After warming up, we work on either competition stuff, half time performances, or football quarters.

Q:What difficulties does the cheerleading team go through on a daily basis?

A: We are constantly pushing ourselves to a higher level. We work on stunts and learning more techniques on stunting. The coaches are constantly making changes to our competition routine to make it better. We learn something new at every practice.

Q: How do you feel about finally beating Washington this year?

A:  For the past 8 years, Washington has always won first place. And last year, we were very close in beating them. We were just less than one point off of their score. We feel really accomplished this year that we finally beat them. We are so so happy and hard work did paid off. We are working even harder for our next competition at Washington High.

Q: Do you have any other additional thoughts you would like to add?

A: We are really one of a kind this year. Everyone has their unique talents and work together to bring the best performance to the audience. We are like family. We are very excited for our next competition on Nov. 5 at Washington High School.

All of the cheerleading captains, other than Angel Li, include: Kayla Doty, Sofea Dil, and Kristi Nogueiro.