iPhone Infinity AK4859ERT

The technology pursuit?

So. The new iPhone 4S is out. Or rather, the new iPhone 4.5 is out. And frankly, I could care less. Each year since 2007, a new iPhone model comes out. And each year, millions of people in first-world countries stand in line through scorching sun, pouring rain, heavy sleet, or snow for these dinky little gadgets that cost hundreds of dollars. When is it all going to stop? 2072 when the iPhone 61 20G is out? A phone so slim its size rivals with a piece of paper and so fast at movies and games your eyes bleed?

Instead of worrying about the iPhone 4.5, why aren’t they happy with their iPhone 3Gs? Or LG Chocolates? Why does every American seem to consider shelling out four or five hundred dollars a necessary expense? I don’t have an iPhone or an iPod and I’m perfectly fine. I don’t need endless apps to keep me company and my phone’s plan is more than adequate than what I need to accomplish.

Moreover, what do you expect to accomplish with your new phones? Texting your boyfriend faster? Getting a better game experience on Doodle Jump? These pointless things are all just the reasons why over 75 million iPhones have been sold since its first release. You’re just wasting time, money, and brain cells. Go read a book.