IndoPak’s Annual Diwali/Eid Showcase

Diwali/Eid Showcase!

An array of colorful decorations, clothing, and accessories lit up the school library on Friday, October 28th, asIrvington’s IndoPak Club displayed their culture at the annual Diwali/ Eid Showcase. Though past years have only exhibited the celebration of Diwali, this year’s club members and officers wanted to incorporate more Pakistani culture into the events, hence, the addition of Eid.

Walking into the doors of library invited everyone to a transformed scene, with sarees hanging from bookshelves, and chairs facing a projector. After the visiting classes were educated through a powerpoint, several members from the bollywood dance team, Sitaare, danced to “Muquabla”, and students were encouraged to learn the dance styles as well.

Booths were set up as stations for students to explore after listening to a short powerpoint presentation. These stations covered aspects of the Indian and Pakistani cultures in Religion, Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion, Accessories, Language, traditional headdresses, and Henna. IndoPak members who volunteered to run the booths were dressed in traditional Indian clothing throughout the day. Many visitors who attended were especially interested in the Henna booth, where volunteers created designs as body art on hands and arms. After seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces from this year’s event, I can assure you that next year’s showcase will be just as successful.