Red Ribbon Week Leaves An Impact Even Now…Literally on The Grounds of Irvington’s Hallways

Posters promoting Red Ribbon Week created more of a mess than to promote drug-free awareness

To introduce and remind the student body at Irvington High School of the significance of Red Ribbon Week, ASB had covered the walls and most importantly, taped the floors of the hallways with bright posters of messages promoting Red Ribbon week awareness last week. What stood out to me most was the tombstone-shaped posters taped on the ground. On them were the typical sayings to discourage students from doing drugs and smoking such as “Hugs Not Drugs”.
While I really appreciate the work ASB had done this year to promote drug prevention awareness (as last year, it had gone mostly unnoticed), I find their way of doing so not as efficient as it could have been. The posters on the ground were quickly ripped as students had carelessly walked into them, tearing them, kicking the pieces away thus creating a mess all over the hallways. I was barely able to read the messages of the posters because by the time I noticed them, they were already torn. Additionally, at the end of the day, I discovered numerous scraps of the posters littered all over the place.
Not only were the the posters infective in delivering their messages to the student body, they were also an extra burden for the custodians as extra trash needed to be cleaned up. Even now, there are still traces of tape on the ground in the shape of tombstones. Although the posters were a great idea, I think ASB next year should come up with another method to spread Red Ribbon Week’s messages.