Holiday Movies Equivalent to Fairy Tales

Holiday movies exponentially increase America’s version of an “ideal” season

We’ve all seen them. Those glorious, overrated movies playing on every major channel during this time of the year are hard to miss. People don’t want to miss them either; they are a source of enjoyment for millions of Americans nationwide. But what do these holiday movies really give us? Aside from an idealistic and completely unrealistic portrayal of what this holiday “should” be like, not much.

These movies continuously reinforce Americans’ view and desire for an unrealistic holiday season. After seeing Kevin McCallistar outsmart two criminals continuously and ingeniously, it’s no wonder the average American will feel somewhat unsatisfied with his/her own life and activity during this season. They then proceed to watch more and more of these “seasonal” holiday movies, hoping to live their dreary lives through these movies. The saddest part? These pitiful beings actually believe they are being festive after watching an 8-hour long marathon of holiday movies.

Holiday movies are the exact equivalent of fairy tales. They give everyone who watches them a portrayal of an idealistic holiday season, which is also an extremely unrealistic portrayal, which is quite reminiscent to the infamous “Prince Charming.”