Club Rush No Food

Club Rush No Food Proves Unsuccessful

On Tuesday, September 18th, with the first full week of school in full swing, ASB’s club commissioner and assistant planned a Club Rush that was different than those held in the past. Club officers were encouraged to set up small booths along the perimeter of the courtyard, with visually-appealing signs to attract potential club members. Many booths had free food to give away to lure more passer-byers to come sign up on their clipboards.

The purpose of having this lunchtime event was to give Vikings a second chance to sign up for the clubs they were interested in, in case they missed out on the chance to do so during MAZE Days. Moreover, many clubs did not have a chance to commit to holding a booth during the summer MAZE days, so this simply served as another opportunity.

“We got a lot of hate on not allowing clubs to sell food as a fundraiser like the other Club Rushes”, said Club Commissioner Julianne Vinh when asked if she thinks ASB will continue this in upcoming years. “I wouldn’t suggest it, but I’m glad that so many clubs on campus are starting to establish connections with each other and with the rest of the student body through small events like this.”