Fremont’s Most Hated…to Fremont’s Most Beautiful

Immediate response to page is suprising

By Kelsey Wong

Last week on Thursday night, my Facebook newsfeed was covered with angry comments and statuses about a page called “Fremont’s Most Hated Bi*****.” I clicked on the link which led to the Facebook page, and immediately I could understand the enmity so many others felt seconds or minutes ago. The page was basically a free-for-all-to-bully page where the names, pictures, and information of certain girls were posted for all to see. It was disgusting. It was cyberbullying on a whole new level.
But out of the darkness, there is always a light.
The response was amazing. An hour later, every other status on my Facebook Newsfeed blazed on about how horrible, unjust, or downright foolish the “Fremont’s Most Hated” page was. The page was reported, and by the next day, it was gone. In its place sprung up a new page, called “Fremont’s Most Beautiful Girls.”  “Fremont’s Most Beautiful Girls” was created on October 9, 2012, and states on its page, “Cyber bullying is not okay on any level. So this is to raise awareness cause obviously some girls in Fremont didn’t understand that.” The page currently has over 500 likes.
 A screenshot of the “Fremont’s Most Beautiful Girls” facebook page. Picture Credit:
I found it awe-inspiring how so many people were concerned about the “Fremont’s Most Hated” page. I found it even more inspiring to see that concern turn into change, and for that change to happen to quickly.  Even when “Fremont’s Most Pages Part 2” was created, it was once again reported and shut down quickly. The media always reports on how cyberbullying results in lives lost and people hurt, but to good spring  from cyberbullying is so refreshing.