L.I.N.K. leaders host ‘movie night’ for freshmen

Current L.I.N.K. leaders watch The Hunger Games with freshmen

By Hugo Vera

Throughout Irvington’s history, the L.I.N.K. program has been known for their hand-selected, enthusiastic leaders who are devoted to making their groups of assigned freshmen have the best school year possible. This ethos was proven last Friday, December 14, 2012, as the 2012-2013 L.I.N.K. Leaders and their freshmen watched the hit film The Hunger Games on a giant projected screen in the school cafeteria. The event lasted from 6-9pm, and it included an intermission during the film where freshmen and L.I.N.K. leaders were given free popcorn.

“L.I.N.K. movie night is a great way to bring people together from across all four grades,” said 2012-2013 sophmore L.I.N.K. coordinator Sofea Dil. “It’s really rewarding, seeing L.I.N.K. leaders and freshmen bond so much over something as simple as watching a movie like The Hunger Games.”

This event was incepted and coordinated by the two main L.I.N.K. coordinators for the 2012-2013 school year, junior Alyssa Tucker and sophomore Sofea Dil. These two coordinators implemented excellent skills as they reserved the cafeteria and set up the venue. They also publicized the event through Facebook and by putting up posters in Irvington’s hallways. At the actual event, about 25 freshmen arrived with blankets and pajamas and L.I.N.K. leaders watched the film beside them. The event was considered a success because of the high attendance, despite the raining weather outside and Winter Ball that following day.