The Book of Songs

An honorary Dr. Seuss creation

By Chandni Patel

In 2002, Li Shi Guang Ming, founder of Beijing’s first car design firm, the Tang Hua Company, revealed one of the most innovative designs of the 2008 Detroit Auto Show- a set of completely electrically powered cars whose designs are reminiscent of Dr. Seuss’ cartoons.

One of the three models revealed at the gallery, has a name just as distinctive as its design: The Book of Songs. The fastest speed for the vehicle is 45 mph and it is meant only for school campuses and small tour cities.

The Book of Songs seems to have no reason for its peculiar name. It is a yellow Plexiglass, two-passenger “mini-car.” The license plates of the mini vehicles are embossed with the name of the company and the name of the car. While the true inspiration for the bizarre design is unknown, critics on Autoblog say that the design is reminiscent of Dr. Seuss’ creations or “Disneyland rejects.”

The Book of Songs, while attracting many curious people at the auto show, is not expected to have any success in the market.