Legendary Boy Band Releases a Subpar Album

The Backstreet Boys are back

By Nathan Fu

The Backstreet Boys attempt to reclaim their title as the best boy band of all time with a new album titled In a World Like This. The Backstreet Boys are not like what they used to be, obviously they have grown older and their voices have obviously deepened. This is evident in their first song, “In a World Like This”. This song has a catchy, upbeat tune that preaches to people to a message to hold on to. The next song, “Permanent Stain”, is the complete opposite. This song is much slower, the lyrics are not meaningful, and for once, their voices are not in sync. The gem in this album is a song that tells listeners to stand up for themselves called “Show Em”. This song sounds a lot like their older songs; their voices have more emotion and feeling, bringing back an array of memories to lifelong Backstreet Boy fans. Another song worth listening to is “Madeline”, a love song featuring plenty of acoustic guitars that makes it sound similar to the tune of a Jason Mraz song. “Madeline” is perfect for making a girl melt in your arms.

There is no doubt that there are some songs worth listening to, but honestly, none of the songs stand out. One of the reasons why they were so successful was because of their good looks. But lets face it, they’re men now. Their eyes are no longer dreamy, they are red from using drugs. The Backstreet Boys are legends, but this particular album fails to live up to the expectations of their previous albums.