Approved Club vs Unapproved Clubs

Approved Clubs and Unapproved Clubs, What’s the Difference?
By Nathan Fu
One of the many things high school offers to students is the variety of clubs available. Some of the more popular clubs include Key Club, Deca, and Interact. These clubs all have something in common- they’re approved by ASB. Approved clubs have the benefit of being able to participate in Club Rush, a great way to get funds for the club. Also, approved clubs have an easier time publicizing their events and meetings. To get a club approved, Clubs Commissioner Elise Logan explained that clubs need to present a Power Point showing what they are all about and how they are important. After the power point, the club commissioners will then separate clubs into two groups; one group that will be potentially approved and the other group that will be potentially unapproved. ASB then votes on what clubs are meaningful and deserved to be approved. ASB looks for clubs that have strong leadership, an involved advisor, and finally an achievable goal and plan so they can get started right away. However, there are still a lot of clubs that are unapproved that continue to participate in a lot of activities. These unapproved but active clubs include Girl Up and HALT. Girl Up is an organization started by the UN with many chapters in colleges and high schools. So even though Girl Up Club is unapproved, it is still active and they have a goal that they wish to achieve. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether a club is approved or not, the only things that matter is whether the club is worth your time.
Approved Clubs Unapproved Clubs
• Able to participate in Club Rush

• Easier to publicize meetings and events

• Able to find funders and money for the club • Harder time to publicize meetings

• Hard to attract new club members