Kanika Priyadarshi (News Editor)

If there’s one skill I attained from this class for the past two years, it’s how to dodge bullets. Spit bullets. People get touchy and shout a lot when I try to cover all sides of a news story. Hey, at least I don’t end up with detentions. It’s my 3rd year in journalism and I just can’t wait for the spit rain accompanied by the yelling to start again. Oh joy.
Before senioritis takes me over again (this is my 4th time trying to write this), here’s a quick Kanika 101. I love food, smell of expo markers, tae kwon do, sleep, dance, pink, Shraey Khanna, tennis, and tan colored jeans. I have been an Entertainment Apprentice and Features Editor and am obviously the News Editor.
Before I feel like face palming myself with a brick, if you see me in the hallway, call me kanikA not kAnika. Please&thankyou.

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