Freshmen Cross Country Runner Races Her Way to Varsity

By Khushi Patel
Freshmen, Aubrey Scheibel, moved up from Junior Varsity cross country to Varsity after an amazing performance against Moreau Catholic School. Scheibel competed and won against a Varsity runner who competed in the JV race against Irvington, and was awarded with her spot on Varsity.
Although this is her first year on a competitive team, Scheibel has been running since she was ten years old alongside her friends. “I’m not really coordinated with other sports,” said Scheibel. “So I tried running and I really enjoyed it. I really like the fact that it’s a team sport, but it’s an individual effort at the same time.”
Although there are some aspects of cross country that she detests, Scheibel believes the sense of accomplishments after finishing a run is enough to compensate. “[Scheibel] feel really dehydrated and tired sometimes, and a lot of people throw up and stuff and I don’t know anyone who just loves running; it’s really painful,” said Scheibel. “But the best part is, after it’s all over, you feel really accomplished with yourself and your teammates.”
Scheibel hopes to improve on her endurance and her pace this season, however, for now, she is focusing on what she wants this season. When asked to explain her long term goals for running, she replies, “Sometimes I start off really fast and I get a little tired during the run,” said Scheibel. “I want to build my endurance, but at the same time I haven’t really thought about where I want to take my running in the future. I’m just going to take things as they come, I guess.”
Scheibel has gained inspiration to run from her mother, who runs marathons for fun, and some of her close friends who have competed in cross country and become All Stars. Watching her friends compete and succeed drove her to run as well.
Before running, she makes sure to tie her shoes three times. “There’s a kid named Calvin who goes around tying peoples’ shoelaces together,” said Scheibel.
“There are a lot of things about cross country that I love,” said Scheibel. “One of the things is definitely the unity and the fun times. I really enjoy watching our captains perform the Squirrel Song,” said Scheibel. Scheibel enjoys the unity of being on a cross country team especially because running is largely an individual sport. She appreciates the support and encouragement of a cross country team while simultaneously not having to depend on them to succeed.