Tale of an Over-documented Generation

Age of the selfie
By Kanika Priyadarshi

To be honest, who doesn’t like to have every second of their life documented? Most of us secretly dream to have our faces plastered everywhere. Before, we were stuck with cheap-looking mirror selfies taken by low-quality cameras, trying our best to look attractive. However, technological advancements have made it possible to boost our self-esteem, attract the opposite sex, and look fabulous and hot while doing so.

High quality front cameras especially on the newer iPhones are sensitive to light, so any of our blemishes are well hidden, creating desirable flawless faces. The new filters and editing programs can help you look like a model and make you a professional photographer. Without selfies, there would be no way for other people to know how good your looking every second of your life, and that’s very important. In today’s fast pace world, everything changes, so it’s beneficial to update your friends and followers on your social networking profiles about how you look. There has never been a better time to be self-centered and not get hate for it.

Taking a selfie requires knowing about the proper angles to get a decent picture, mastering the art of aiming. Angling the camera down can make your face look thinner, but your forehead look larger. But be aware that angling the camera up, can expose any double or triple chins. Having the camera straight on your face can expose you entire face for scrutiny—so you have to be careful about any blemishes showing. Holding the camera up with one hand can fit in more people whereas holding the camera with both hands can usually fir 1-3 people. You learn more from taking selfies than you ever would in a photography class.

Photo: guardian.org

Selfies make people look and feel good, inform other people about your changes 24/7, and make you learn more about geometry than you would have learned in geometry. If you haven’t joined the world of selfies, then you’re definitely missing out on a lot of benefits.