Throwback Review: Boogie Nights

A unique point of view on a unique job industry
By Brandon McAlister

Prepare yourself for a comprehensive and illustrative look at the reality of the porn industry through watching this film. Mark Wahlberg takes us on an astounding journey from rags to riches to somewhere in-between, showing us that the choices made to get there aren’t always the shrewdest decisions. The glamorous life can only be enjoyable for so long until the demise begins and no other jobs will consider hiring you due to previous work in a shady business.
When Jack Horner (Burt Reynolds) confronts Eddie Adams a.k.a. Dirk Diggler (Mark Wahlberg) at his low paying job as a dishwasher and proposes the idea of working together in the porn industry, Diggler discerns his dream of becoming “a big, bright shining star” attainable. Boogie Nights is fairly long film with a running time of 155 minutes, but the passionate and well-maintained storyline will keep the audience on its toes.
Director Paul Thomas Anderson nails the look of the 70’s and 80’s genre through use of outstanding scenery, clothing styles, and of course, astonishing soundtrack. From groovy scenes at the disco to hippie-like skirts and all around bad leather and questionable hair, the movie places the audience back in time. The movie is much more than a bunch of repugnant adult films and atrocious mattress actresses, actually, it will grasp your emotions and jerk them around until the credits start rolling. The audience will feel satisfied with Boogie Night’s on-point depiction of the corrupt porn industry and the backlash one can receive from working in it.
Despite the occasional “just a little drawn-out” scenes, Boogie Nights is an original and very creative film – and I suggest watching it without any family members, and to anyone who feels comfortable with the explicit content of a “porn” movie.