Protecting the Human Spirit

Bullying is Murder
By Nathan Fu| Arts and Entertainment Apprentice
People who get bullied go through a period of time when they hate themselves for who they are. Then they die by their own hand. Imagine someone who would rather die than live. In this age of technology, cyber bullying is becoming more prevalent. This new form is just as deadly as the classical form of bullying but the murderer might not be face to face with the victim. Even worse, schools can’t take action if the bullying does not occur during anytime that is considered to be in the custody after school, etc. They are worried that they might intrude upon a student’s privacy by looking at his or her text messages. However, there is a life at stake and yet schools are worried about someone’s privacy. To put this into perspective, this is like Hitler hiding in your room, but the police are afraid to go in there in fear of intruding your privacy. Letting someone look at your text messages is a small price to pay in return for someone’s life. The victims might have a future ahead of them. There are already countless lives lost because of cyber bullying. We can’t do much for those poor souls except to pray for them. But, we can also make sure no one follows their path to suicide by preventing cyber bullying. To do this, administration or authority must start cracking down on the bullies. By finding the bullies, many other bullies will be scared, thus preventing any more deaths.

Over 70% of young adults will experience or witness cyber bullying according to 4,500 of those innocent souls will commit suicide every year. Why so many? Many bullies believe that if someone commits bullying online, they will be less likely to be caught. The reason why? They believe that they are protected by “invasion of privacy.” The human spirit is priceless; you can’t just buy another one from the grocery store.

Word Count: 336