Is there an App for that?

Popular and trending IHS apps and websites

By Iris Lee | VTV Editor

If you’re wondering why all the Irvington students have their noses glued to these flashing screens–chances are, it’s one of these reasons. Throughout the past few weeks, I’ve noticed significant repetition in students’ technological interests, and I’ve gathered up the six most common ones I’ve seen.

  1. 2048 – I swear, everywhere I look, it’s there. There are even multiple versions of it, like “DOGE2048,” which features dog faces on the squares, and “Doctor Who 2048,” which features famous Doctors from past decades.

  2. Squishy Bird – People started getting really mad at the Flappy Bird, so now they play the game in which the player tries to murder a bird in between two smashing platforms. For some reason, it’s cute and quite fun, as the blood is quite comically portrayed.

  3. Paper – Facebook recently launched a beautifully designed, extremely interactive application for viewing Facebook. Closely resembling Flipbook, the app presents news and Facebook notifications by categories, with a new eye-catching way to present the information.

  4. Google Drive – Yeah, we all use the online version because it’s just so handy for homework and essays, but the Google Drive app is amazing on the phone as well! Now students can procrastinate on the way to class, typing the last sentence of their Hallford essay on their smartphone.

  5. Threes – It’s just another popular numeric puzzle that tries to match up similar numbers. Word is, 2048 took their idea from Threes, but both are equally captivating and frustrating for Irvington students all around campus.

  6. Netflix – Students aren’t reading behind their textbooks. They’re actually watching Netflix on their mobile device, right now…sorry teachers.