Opinion: Ok, now that you’ve bought a $15 piece of plastic, you can officially park on campus!


Sigh, the sign that’s keeping students out. (Photo: Christine Bach)

Sigh, the sign that's keeping students out. (Photo: Christine Bach)
Sigh, the sign that’s keeping students out.
(Photo: Christine Bach)

Except…not in the horseshoe. Or the back parking. Or…anywhere that isn’t the main parking lot.

By Christine Bach | Staff Writer

We have rules for a reason. Rules keep people safe and environments orderly. And I’m pretty good about following rules because I don’t believe in misbehaving for the sake of attention. But the new rule that the back parking lot is reserved for staff only? I might have to break it because it’s a wasteful use of campus space and unfair to students.

Every time I walk past the back parking lot on my way to class in the 200 wing, let’s be honest: half of the spaces are unoccupied. Though there are more teachers in the back of the school now, they don’t take up all of the parking spaces, so it’s illogical that the entire lot is reserved only for staff, especially when finding spaces in the main parking lot for me is always #thestruggle.

Also, some students, like teachers, spend the majority of their day in classrooms by the back parking lot. If you begin your day in the 200-wing, are in the P-wing when the lunch bell goes off, and end your day near the SU/Cafeteria, the back parking lot is more desirable than the main parking lot. Parking near classrooms isn’t a luxury only teachers can appreciate, and students shouldn’t be denied this parking privilege.

As previously mentioned, rules exist for a reason. This new rule was probably implemented because of the terrible congestion that forms in the parking lot after school.

It doesn’t help.

So the point of blocking off the back parking lot to students?

There is none.

Please let us back in there, Campus Supervisors, administration, and teachers. We students would really appreciate not having to make that 7:58 a.m. sprint from the main parking lot to the 200-wing.