Waffles Are Life


By Shobhit Asthana | Staff Writer

Waffles are the ultimate breakfast as they’re delicious, easy on the go, and will last you through the day. There are numerous types of waffles and even more types of toppings such as various syrups, nuts, spices, sweets, and even meats that all combine to create a unique waffle experience. For example, there are the standard, precooked Eggos with a quick drizzle of maple syrup which are easy to make and are delicious in their own way but lack in fluffiness and freshness.  There are also the pizzelle waffles, which is an Italian dessert waffle usually served with whipped cream, fresh fruit, or star anise, that are strong in taste and texture but lacks in convenience.

One may ask, What makes the perfect waffle? I believe that the main traits that one should look for in the taste of a waffle are fluffiness, savoryness, sweetness, and crunchiness. Convenience also plays a role in the perfect waffle as some recipes are so complex it takes away from the experience. When all these traits are taken into consideration, you will experience the perfect waffle.