Problem With Portables

By Risheek Priyadarshi | Staff Writer

Construction for new the portables began in the summer and finished before the school year started; however, the location also makes it so the portables are isolated from the rest of the school.
“You can’t really hear the bell when you’re inside them,” says sophomore Ayesha Kumbhare. “So I think we should fix that.”
The portables are not wired to the rest of the school, meaning they do not have a bell to indicate the beginning or end of a period. The teachers have to use their own alarms and dismiss their students according to them. Additionally, the bathrooms are quite far away from the portables, which takes the student’s time away from learning. Despite being major problems, there was also very few supplies at the beginning of the school year.
“There is a lack of supplies,” said Mr. Johnson, who teaches math. “The parking and location of the portables are good, but the bathroom is very far away. The other math teachers are also spread apart throughout the school.”
They have been insufficient and lack many supplies. At the beginning of the school year, these classrooms did not even contain proper desks and chairs for students. Desks and chairs arrived two days after school started.
If the new classrooms were in a similar location as the older portables, the Buum would not have to be altered, which would prevent students who are running distracting students inside the classrooms. The location would also allow the portables to be wired to the rest of the school, so the school bell, can dismiss students instead of the teacher’s phone alarm.