Pros of Smartphone Use in Class

By Shobhit Asthana | Staff Writer

The modern classroom has evolved into an environment where several types of technology is accessible to students. As more technology is starting to be incorporated into the classroom,  students may question why they cannot use their smartphones in class to further enhance their education. Smartphones can serve to be a learning aid as well as a device to keep students organized and on task.

The majority of teachers do not tolerate the use of cellphones in class. This rule may foreshorten the extent of a students’ understanding  or even their education as a whole. By incorporating smartphones in the class, students will be able to have access to a large amount of sources that go far beyond the classroom to clarify certain concepts as well as to satisfy a student’s  natural curiosity. Smartphones can also help students stay organized and on task by utilizing the calendar to write down assignments and reminders or to set reminders to ensure they are focussing on the right material at the right times. Students would also be very familiar with their smartphone and make certain procedures easier as there is no confusion that may be involved with using a computer or smart board that may be new to the student.

Some may argue that by allowing students to use smartphones in class, they can be distracted or use the additional access to materials to cheat. This may true in certain cases, however, the pros of utilizing smartphones in class are more important as well as more numerous than the cons. It is a teacher’s responsibility as a professional educator to inspire their students and do their best to make the class interesting, which would prevent students from getting distracted. Additionally,  academic dishonesty will always be part of school  and just by not allowing cell phone use in class, does not prevent a student from cheating or prevent them from using their phone at home or after class to cheat. Teachers should be more focussed on creating assignments that require reflection and make it hard for a student to cheat using online sources.

In conclusion, I believe smartphones should be incorporated into the classroom as it would further drive the extent of a student’ education and can also be a tool to keep them more organized and on task. By preventing the use of smartphones in the classroom, teachers are only hindering their students’ learning.