Restrictions for Bench Building All-nighter is the Way to Go

Reducing the number of people for bench building overnighter will create less chaos

By Channing Whitaker | Staff Writer

Spirit week is known as the funniest week in the school year. Being able to attend the spirit week bench building overnighter involved you though to meet some requirements. New for this year’s spirit week: not only was it required to fill out a contract, it was also necessary to attend a certain amount of bench building days depending on the class president’s discretion.

Freshman class president Brent Hanna stated, “From October 4 to our overnighter date, they have to go to two bench building days and must sign a contract but, they cannot obtain a contract until they meet the two bench building day requirement.”

The guidelines for the senior class, however, were slightly different. Senior class president Narvan Babaei said, “People have had from September 27 to October 4 to attend bench or get in touch with me to get a contract and from there go to one more bench to be eligible. So in total, they have to attend two bench sessions before the overnighter or they must have done it beforehand.”

Strictly limiting the number of people who go to the overnighter was beneficial; it demonstrated how many students from each class really dedicated their time to deliver a complicated, yet worthy project. On the other side , many high school students missed out on staying up all night with their classmates to create conversation and bonding moments

Although everyone should be invited to attend the overnighter, limiting the amount of people who come to the overnighter is necessary. With a limited number of people, the noise levels will decrease; thus, neighbors living across the street would not be disturbed. Meeting certain requirements in order to attend the bench building overnighter is a great building block that should be used for spirit weeks in the years ahead.

Seniors Ricky Liu (left) and Tony Liao (right) worked very hard on making bench building a success. PC: Jessica Phan
Seniors Ricky Liu (left) and Tony Liao (right) worked very hard on making bench building a success.
PC: Jessica Phan